United Community Church of God Ursina, Pennsylvania

Sunday Services

8:00 am Service

This is our contemporary service.  Our music in this service is similar to the songs that are played on the popular radio station KLOVE.  Both worship service sermons are the same.


10:30 am Service

This is our traditional service.  In this service, the more traditional hymns are sung.  Both worship sermons are the same.


Sunday School

Our Sunday School begins at 9:15 am and is for ages 2-99!  We offer children’s classes and also a teen class.  We offer several different adults classes that study God’s Word to promote personal growth


Sunday Evening Bible Study

This study begins at 7 pm.  It is a casual Bible study for those who would like to dig deeper into study God’s Word.  (There is no evening Bible on the first and last Sundays of each month due to other regular programs that occur these Sundays.



Weekly Bible Studies & Services

Wednesday Morning Bible Study

Ladies, this one is at 10 am!  This is a small casual Bible study for those women who want to jump into their Bible and learn more.


Wednesday Evening Family Fun at 5:30 pm

All ages gather every Wednesday evening at 5:30 pm to share a meal.  Then at 6:00 pm the children and adults separate into individual Bible studies.  A great time of study is offered for all ages.


R.O.A.R (Youth Group)

ROAR meets every Friday evening from 6:30 to 8:30. The name of the group is kind of unique as it was named by the youth core group which consists of the older youth from the group. ROAR stands for Rednecks of Awesome Redemption. ROAR is for those in grade six to twelve. They enjoy games, sports, food, and Bible study on Friday evenings when they meet. Everyone, in grade six to twelve, is welcome to join us on Friday evenings. They do not need to be a part of this church or any church to attend